Thorpe, Upper Taylor's Wood, Dove Dale, Lin Dale

2 hr 29 mins

5.85 miles (9.42 Km)

Free car park on Narlow Lane near Thorpe (A515 side of Thorpe near Dog pub - being refurbished at time of writing)


From car park turn right and right again onto narrow lane before Dove Dale Garage (signposted 'single track gates').
Follow lane for approx 400 mtrs and 150 mtrs before farm house, take footpath left signposted 'Thorpe'.
Follow path down field to gate. Through gate and after 75 mtrs take stile on right.
Through stile and turn left downhill. Through the small enclosure at the bottom where there are 2 options:-

If red flag is flying (i.e. they are firing on the range), you must turn left (see directions below for this route description.

If the red flag isn't flying, head straight on up the hill ahead of you (Hamston Hill) to the top. (However please note, this route involves a high stile which could be difficult for dogs. If your dog isn't very agile and can't be lifted over, probably best to take the alternative route described below).

Continue on the ridge, dropping down a little before climbing again to the top of the hill beyond (you'll pass the firing range down to your right).
Continue straight on dropping down steeply to a high stile at the corner of the field.
Over the stile, turn right for a short distance then left and steeply uphill to the top (fence on your right and views down to Dove Dale on your left).
Keeping the wall/fence on your right, follow the path along until a gulley joins you from the left. This is where the alternative route comes up from Dove Dale. See below for the rest of the route description.

When red flag is flying or you want to avoid the high stile on the 1st part of the route described above:-

Turn left after the small enclosure and follow the path downhill skirting around the back of the Peveril of the Peak Hotel.
Continue on path with the 'Danger' area on your right to reach the deep gulley of Lin Dale, with Thorpe Cloud on your left and Hamston Hill on your right.
Follow Lin Dale down to reach Dove Dale. Turn right upstream and follow for about half a Km to reach some steps.
At the top of the steps take the path uphill on your right (left of the bench).
Follow the path to the top where you'll meet the path you would have taken if you'd taken the variant described above.

Both variants are the same from this point:-

If you've just arrived at the top of the path from Dove Dale turn left or continue straight on if arriving from the firing range area. Follow top of hill along to a wooden gate.
Through gate and continue along the tops with wall on your right, cutting right to avoid a deep gulley.
At second gulley drop down to a gate then up far side and continue to a 3rd gulley.
After the 3rd gulley the path descends to the river.
Turn left downstream and follow to the stile just before the famous Dove Dale stepping stones.
If you're feeling fit, the walk to the top of Thorpe Cloud is definitely worth the effort.
If not, turn left through the gate and take the path up Lin Dale with Thorpe Cloud on your right.
Skirt round Hamston Hill ('Danger' area) on your left and follow path to 100 mtrs beyond the back of Peveril of the Peak Hotel then take the stile on right.
Over 2 small fields to meet the road.
Turn left uphill back to the car park beyond the garage.

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