Middleton by Youlgreave, River Bradford, Robin Hood's Stride, Elton

2 hrs 32 mins

6.46 miles (10.4 Km)

Middleton by Youlgreave, village centre


Head down the lane opposite the toilets and childrens’ play area in the centre of the village passing green farm on your right.
At the bottom of the hill head left following the River Bradford downstream.
Cross the bridge shortly after you see the cottages with the steep terraces on your left.
Immediately after crossing the bridge turn right and continue downstream.
On reaching the gate with road and cottages beyond, turn right over stone bridge and up to road.
Right onto road for 50 mtrs then take the gate on left marked “Limestone Way”.
Head diagonally right to next gate then diagonally left on well defined path to stile.
Over stile onto farm track.
At wood gate straight on with wall on your left.
After next gate trend rightwards to stream and stile.
Over stile then trend rightwards uphill passing another stile over nothing!!
From there continue uphill trending leftwards, aiming for the obvious farm track.
Continue up the farm track until you reach a wall on your right and a junction of paths on your left.
Through the gate on your left at this point then head diagonally rightwards uphill following waymarkers to farm.
Through farm following very clear arrows to reach the road.
Cross road and trend rightwards following “Limestone Way” markers.
On passing through wall (no gate) just before the rocky outcrop known as Robin Hood’s Strine, turn left then right over the stile.
Continue downhill to cattle grid at bottom.
Over cattle grid then take the track opposite marked Limestone Way, heading uphill.
Pass large house then small stone building (both on left side).
100 mtrs past this building take the stile on right (the next fields can get very muddy and can be avoided by continuing up the lane to the “T” junction and turning right to Elton).
The path crosses the fields trending slightly uphill until you reach a new (unfinished at time of writing) stone cricket pavilion on your left.
Take the stile on your left at this point and up track to Main Street.
Turn right onto Main Street and continue through Elton until immediately past the church on your right.
Take lane downhill on your right (Well St).
After 75 mtrs bear left onto track signposted “Footpath to Youlgreave”.
At metal gate at end of track take wooden gate on its left and after 20 mtrs turn right downhill (signposted “Youlgreave via Cliff Farm”).
Continue downhill over 2 stiles then trend right uphill.
Continue diagonally uphill through 2 gates and a 3rd gate brings you to a road.
Directly over road and through copse to stile.
Over stile then head rightwards uphill to another stile.
Over stile and diagonally leftwards to another stile.
Cross directly over the Serenity Coffee Shop track and over the stile opposite.
Straight ahead crossing another stile to reach the wall and wood beyond.
Turn left at wall and follow it round to gate with a range of markers and arrows.
Head left following white Middleton arrows, keeping wall on your right.
After 100 mtrs take stile on right and then head diagonally leftwards across field.
Over stile and turn left to arrive at double wooden gates.
Head diagonally right and continue in same direction over next stile.
Through wall with no gate and head directly though next field to single tree (copse is over to your right) and stile next to the tree.
Cross farm track and head slightly rightwards to next stile.
Directly over next field aiming for mid point of far wall.
Over stile and head leftwards downhill to gate.
Cross lane and through gate continuing downhill to caravan site.
Follow markers through caravan site.
Before the farmhouse take the stile on the right hand side of the black metal gate and follow the track round to the right of the farmhouse.
Through gate beyond the farmhouse and directly across next field to stile.
Downhill trending rightwards to stile.
Over stile and trend leftwards downhill to stone bridge.
Don’t cross bridge but continue on path uphill with stream to your left.
Through gate and down steep metal steps, and cross bridge beyond.
150 mtrs along river then take track on left back up to Middleton.

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